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Hi, my name is Marcus and I am the admin/team captain of Team Phoenix. We are a sub group in AIMB under Stone Age Bounty. I have to give SAB their props for introducing a fantastic program to our team.

Let me tell you a quick story. When my sponsor first brought AIMB to me I just put it on the back burner because I had so many programs and websites to oversee, I really did not feel I had time to give to this project. So this group that my sponsor and I are in, we post daily results of the programs that we are in. And I noticed that he was starting to make more and more money simply by giving away FREE trial gift certificates for members to try the AI Marketing Bot. I still was a little hesitant because how can free earn money, right? Anyways, he kept posting results after results and they were getting better and better. Finally, I said to myself I needed to see what this was all about. He stated he would get me started for free but I had $50 to get started (you only need $10 to start). When he started going into detail about what the project is and how I actually earn income, i started getting goose bumps and my mind started turning with ideas of how we could make this a huge success for all. But first I needed proof that the system works. I had to be my own eye witness to financial growth without loss. And sure enough, it happened. I put in $50 and 9 days later was in profit. I was so excited that I ran to my wife like a little kid running to mamma. I said"Baby I think we have us a true winner here!" I asked how do I speed this up, my sponsor said you have two options, you can refer others and use those commissions to top up your ad budget or, you can put more of your own money to upgrade your ad budget. I said , why not do both. I started spreading the word and compounding my commissions and added a little from my own pocket (do what is best for you). My bot quickly jumped up from doing 1 to 2 sales a day to 23 a day earning myself about $50 per day.  And this will continue for as long as I keep feeding my bot.

I told you this story because it only makes sense to make this a priority program in your portfolio. You do not have to refer to earn, you only feed your bot, set it and forget it. Come back and see how much money you have earned from the many online retail stores that your bot has placed your referral links. It is truly amazing and one of a kind.

Here is the best part! You can even START FOR FREE, for those who are skeptics or just can't afford $10 - $50 to get started. The company actually lets us give you gift certificates of $50 so you can take the site for a test run and see it's amazing work for yourself.  The company promises that you will make up to 25% to 35% on everything you spend in ad budget. So far for me it has been near 50% of the ad budget I have deposited.  And if you think being able to start for FREE is something spectacular , wait there is more.

You Always Earn Your Ad Budget PLUS Cash Back Amount.

Ad Budget Deposit 25% cash back 35% cash back
$50 $12.50 $17.50
$100 $25.00 $35.00
$500 $125.00 $175.00
$1000 $250.00 $350.00
$5000 $1250.00 $1750.00
$10000 $2500.00 $3500.00
$15000 $3750.00 $5250.00
$20000 $5000.00 $7000.00
$25000 $6250.00 $8750.00
Column A Column B Column C


  • When you shop for your own products you will receive cash back
  • When you give your gift certificate away you earn 5% of your referrals cashback
  • When you sign up through INB network which you will do today, You earn at 19 different levels.
  • You can also earn up to $5 million in bonuses money to feed your bot.
  • Did I say , YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REFER to earn but will earn up to 15% of referral commissions on every deposit made by your referrals.

All this simply by giving away a FREE trial of what AI Marketing Bot can really do. So today, I encourage you to join our team and take AIMB for a test run so you do not have to take my word for it, but can see for yourself.

This is a decision that just makes sense! What do you have to lose, NOTHING! You will have everything to gain.

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